Lodge 49 is a TV series airing on AMC later this year.

The show is about a hapless knucklehead who joins an ancient fraternal order in Long Beach, CA. 

In anticipation of the series, we created the fraternal order IRL. The intriguing nature of the The Ancient & Benevolent Order of the Lynx will incite controversy and become a viral phenomenon. 

***The most important concept behind this campaign is, at the start, to target a small number of crucial individuals who eventually spread the news to a much bigger audience through social channels.***


Handwritten letters, on official Order of the Lynx stationary, are strategically delivered to influencers and journalists in the SoCal area. The letter personally invites them to a soiree thrown by the Lynx. Soon social media becomes abuzz with posts about the invitation.

If you got this in the mail, wouldn't you tell your friend about it?



Digital billboards and banners continue attracting organic social media posts, questioning the nature of the the Lynx. Both direct users to the Lynx's microsite and open house soiree. 



Once at the microsite, visitors are given a deep background of the Order. They are also led towards the open house soiree at the Lynx's headquarters in Long Beach. 

The site's design is styled after Heaven's Gate, an iconic religious group from the 1990s. 


welcomethelynx tweet.jpeg


At the open house soiree, potential initiates casually meet members of the Lynx. Conversations are steered towards controversial and arcane subjects, which incite more social media fanfare and investigation. Additionally, candidates are interviewed in backrooms to see if they are worthy of initiation. Videographers roam about capturing the conversations and interviews for posterity. 



Near the end of the soiree, guests are ushered into the grand ballroom to watch a video about the history of the Order of the Lynx. Instead, however, they are shown the trailer for Lodge 49!

It's then unveiled that the Lynx is the fraternal order in the TV show. The audience's reactions are caught on film.

The next day, footage from the open house is edited and released online as a viral marketing campaign, sending shockwaves throughout the internet. A schedule of upcoming open houses are announced at the credits.

Throughout the show's first season, the Order of the Lynx remains an active social club, despite its fictitious roots. Friends are made, stories are told, laughs are had, and most importantly, TV IS WATCHED.

laughing at order of lynx after reveal.jpeg